June 21-25 is DC Flood Awareness Week!

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DC Flood Awareness Week seeks to improve public knowledge of flooding. Join us for five days of informative events!  This campaign aims to empower District residents and business owners to mitigate their exposure to potential flooding through improved readiness and education.

Learn more! ready.dc.gov/floodweek

June 21 | An Introduction to Flooding in the District | 6:30PM

Flooding can happen in many ways and often without warning! To kick off DC Flood Awareness Week, we’ll provide an overview of flooding in the District and how you can know if your home or business might be at risk. We’ll also explore different types of flooding, how flood forecasting works, and how the public can learn about potential flood events. Lastly, attendees will learn about ReadyDC, and the District’s Flood Risk Viewer.


June 22 |  An Ounce of Prevention: Flood Barrier Technologies | 10:00AM

Flooding is a real threat, especially in low-lying areas of the District. By designing buildings and neighborhood defenses District residents can still live, play, and work along our city’s beautiful waterways. Fortunately, there are many different technologies that can be deployed. Join us as we learn more about different engineering solutions that are being deployed at public and private properties throughout the District to hold back flood waters!


June 23 | The History of Flooding in the District | 6:30PM

Dive into District of Columbia’s long history of flooding. We will explore how the District’s waterways have been transformed over the last 200 years by land use decisions, infill development, and urbanization. Specifically, the presentation will introduce “Uncovering The History of the District’s Buried Streams” – a new story map from the Department of Energy & Environment. The presentation will also examine past flooding events through historic photos and flood maps.


June 24 | Get Covered: Flood Insurance – Do You Need It? | 4:00PM

Flooding can happen when you least expect it! Learn how to protect your residence in the event of a flood! Join us for an informative flood insurance forum lead by the District’s Department of Insurance, Securities and Banking (DISB). This session will cover everything from homeowner and renter policies to agency resources and complaint processes available.

How to join:
1) Click here to join the WebEx session June 24 at 4:00PM
2) Join by phone: 1-650-479-3208| Access code: 172 179 7613

June 25 | Day of Action: Be Aware and Be Prepared! | All Day

For the final day of DC Flood Awareness Week, we’re calling District residents to action to ensure they stay aware of any potential flooding and stay prepared for when that times comes! Throughout the day DOEE and HSEMA will be sharing the best ways residents can stay aware and prepared with the hashtag #DCFloodWeek on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

Stay Aware! Sign up for Alert DC | alertdc.dc.gov

Stay Prepared!  Make a plan with ReadyDC | ready.dc.gov

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